Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a lift?
No one enjoys climbing stairs. Everyone enjoys going down to the lake. Enjoy your view and still be able to use the lake as though you were on lake front property.

Can the lift be installed on our bank?
Yes - The track is of rigid construction so it will span over different types of terrain and can be designed to almost any angle.

What powers the lift?
A 3 to 5 horsepower variable frequency drive system, which gives you a true soft start and stop at both the top and bottom.

Are lifts handicap accessible?
Yes. Upon request a special passenger car can be designed.

Can the car tip or come off the track?
No. Ball bearing rubber wheels run on the top and bottom, as well as the inside of the track.

Can the car be operated from either end of the track?
Yes. There are controls at both ends of the track and even an optional remote control.

Does the lift shut off automatically?
Yes. It has limit switches at either end that will stop the car.

If the cable breaks will the car free roll out of control?
No. An over speed mechanism will engage the brakes along with steel spring loaded pins that lock the car to the track, which will automatically stop the car should the cable break.

What would happen if the electricity should go off while I am riding the lift?
A magnetic brake will automatically engage, the second the power supply is interrupted.

What would happen if a child or a dog were crossing the track while the car is moving?
A safety bumper on both ends of the car shuts off the power immediately upon contact with any object on the track.
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