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In 1959 Clarence Triggs had an idea. Somehow he saw the need for an easier way to get from your home to your dock that had an inclined challenge. That’s when Triggs Lakeside Lift was born. The first lift Triggs installed was in 1959 in Minnesota, basically a winch style system.

By 1962 Triggs had designed a continuous double pulley drive system. In the late 70’s Triggs had designed even a better drive system using a double wrap with a mechanical over-speed back up brake system. In the late 80’s Triggs sold to Hunters Lake Lift who again redesigned the drive system using the same double wrap system but using a heavy duty 60:1 transfer gear box with a single phase motor and electronic brake along with push button control.

In 2002 Access Lift LLC bought the inventory and customer database from Hunters Lake Lift. In 2003 Access Lift LLC introduced our 3 phase soft start, soft stop system. With the purchase of Triggs Lakeside Lift and Hunters Lake Lift we immediately began servicing and upgrading existing lifts that were installed as early as 1959. We manufacture, install and carry warranty on transport lifts that are used all over United States and Canada. Our lifts are used in the hillside areas to access your property from your home to your dock, boat launches, and beach areas. Specializing in installing new lifts (incline elevators), upgrading existing lifts repairing and servicing lake side and lake shore transportation systems.

For quotes and more detailed information please give us a call at 1-888-895-4844 or email us.   We would be happy to assist you in making your lift the most enjoyable experience for you, your family and friends.
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